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Scythe Kotetsu

Kaina: 37.09 €
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At first sight, the Kotetsu might seem like a “mini Ashura” -  a fact which visually can hardly be denied. When looking at the fundamental concept, however, the two similar looking coolers couldn’t be more different. The Kotetsu was tailored for the PC user on a little tighter budget: It has “only” four heatpipes, for fresh air a 120mm GlideStream PWM is in charge – for the heat dissipation level of the new Haswell processors this combination is more than efficient, cooling performance will not disappoint.  Despite being a budget-priced cooler, the Kotetsu is fitted with the latest H.P.M.S. (Hyper Precision Mounting System), and makes use of the “Narrow Fin” design.

The new Kotetsu also draws on the highly proven M.A.P.S. already having shown excellent results with the Mugen 3. Thanks to the optimized arrangement of the fins, pass-through airflow inside the heatsink is ramped up, leading to even better cooling performance.

Newly Developed Mounting System
Another new feature can be seen is the Kotetsu’s new mounting system. Based on the over-the-years experience of CPU cooler mounting sytems and Scythe expertise, the kotetsu mounting was designed with the keywords “simplicity” and “reliability” in mind.

GlideStream 120 PWM
The supplied new Glide Stream 120 PWM fan with its’ unique blade design is automatically controlled by the motherboard’s PWM function, the temperature adjusts to the CPU.

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Garantija 24 mėn.

  • Model Number.: SCKTT-1000
  • Dimensions: 130 x 58 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 480 g (Heatsink only)
  • Fan Specifications:
  • Model Name: GlideStream 120 PWM
  • Model-No.: SY1225HB12M-P
  • Fan Size: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Noise Level: 5.3 ~ 28.0 dBA
  • Air Flow: 20.7 ~ 79 CFM
  • Fan Speed: 400 rpm (±200) ~ 1400 rpm (±10%)
  • Voltage / Current: DC 12V / 0,09A
  • Static Pressure: 1,18 ~ 15.3 Pa / 0,12 ~ 1.56 mmH²O
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
  • Intel®:
  • Socket LGA775
  • Socket LGA1150
  • Socket LGA1151
  • Socket LGA1155
  • Socket LGA1156
  • Socket LGA1366
  • Socket LGA2011 (Square ILM)
  • AMD®:
  • Socket AM2
  • Socket AM2+
  • Socket AM3
  • Socket AM3+
  • Socket FM1
  • Socket FM2
  • Socket FM2+
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu 
Scythe Kotetsu